Ibiza closing parties? Discover the most Instagrammable spots on the island

Lifestyle, Travel / Tuesday, September 26th, 2017

Ibiza is one of my favourite holiday destinations. I’ve been there at least once (more often twice) a year since I was 20 and each time I’ve had a different experience. From staying in a range of areas from Brits abroad-filled San Antonio to a more European (and a bit less disgusting) Playa d’en Bossa; going to countless club nights, from back in the Swedish House Mafia days in Ushuaia, to Circo Loco at DC10 and random live music performances at Heart Ibiza; spending ridiculous amounts of money on unnecessary VIP tables at Pacha and being robbed of all my worldly possessions; I thought I had seen it all. But in the past few years (and in my old age) I’ve been doing some exploring that has taken me beyond the typical Ibiza locations to find some really beautiful places – that are perfect for that Instagram grid.

I might be outing myself as a complete loser admitting this, but when I’ve booked a holiday, I almost get as excited about the prospect of some carefully strategised Instagram photos as I do about the trip itself. I know you all secretly feel the same… right? No…? Just me?

Moving on…

But seriously, if you love Ibiza and do happen to get an unnatural thrill from those Insta likes, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Book flights to Ibiza
  2. Bring some sucker – be it a member of the #boyfriendsofinstagram community, or a fellow filter-loving friend – who is willing to taking 19 million photos of you with your toe pointing at slightly different angles
  3. Hire a car when you get there and plan out your spots (and this is where I can help…)

For the bluest waters (you’ll never look hotter): Cala Comte

According to research, if a photo contains a lot of blue it is more likely to receive more likes on social media (no, I did not stay up all night frantically researching how to get more Instagram followers – what are you accusing me of?). For those like seekers – this is the perfect beach. Based south of the island, it’s much less touristy than the more commonly known Playa d’en Bossa and is the perfect place to sunbathe. If you like playing in the waves, this is a fun place to visit, but I’d rather just sit by the side and watch than end up choking on salty (but beautiful) water and getting sand lodged in my bum crack.

For a secluded shore, hippies and more: Benirrás

Based on the north of island, Benirrás is a quirky little secret, but has become a bit more well-known over the past few years. The shore sits in the middle of two cliffs which gives an amazing intimate spot, lined with restaurants. It’s known for having a large hippy community and on Sundays they completely take over, playing bongo drums, dancing and singing (and most likely dropping copious amounts of acid) while watching the sun go down.

It’s so entertaining to watch and the sunset is beautiful – when I was there I people watched for hours and spotted several young girls trying to coordinate themselves to perfectly make the ‘love’ sign with their fingers against the sunset – a real classic Instagram post.

For dreamy coves (and people lacking clothes): Las Salinas

Salinas is my all-time favourite beach. At first glance it seems pretty standard but if you walk much further down past the beach bars, you eventually find some beautiful rocky coves against the sandy shores.

The upside of these is that instead of being surrounded by people, you can often get a sunbathing spot to yourself, or you’ll only have to share with a few others. The downside – when you do have to share, the other people there will most likely be butt-naked. Salinas is known for having a lot of nudists (and they’re all ancient); if you can see past the old wrinkly genitalia, you’ve got yourself the perfect photo for your Instagram.

If you’re sick of the nakedness, take a walk back to the edge of the beach before the rocks and you’ll also find a ‘rough and ready’ beach bar called Sa Trinxa – don’t let its shack-like resemblance fool you as it’s known for its funky Balearic beats and amazingly affordable drinks.

For a mystical rock and a sunset to shock: Es Vedrà view point

If you go to one new place in Ibiza, I urge it to be this one. Es Vedrà is a mystical rocky island of the south-western seaboard of Ibiza. It’s said to be the third most magnetic spot in the world after the north pole and the Bermuda Triangle (which I think is the perfect explanation as to why I keep getting drawn back to Ibiza time and time again). I could go on and on about how beautiful it is and you can only fully understand it if you visit – there’s something just so magical about it that I can’t explain (safe to say my boyfriend almost had a heart attack when I made the solo decision that 1. We will get married and 2. We will get our wedding photos hand in hand in front of the rock).

You’ll need to drive close to the view point and then walk a short distance to get to a cliff edge to catch no doubt the most beautiful sunset in Ibiza. Bring some cava and it’s a dream situation – and don’t forget to get that candid photo of you with your back turned staring at the sunset of course ;).

If you’re feeling peckish after all the magic, I highly recommend Es Boldado – a fish restaurant that overlooks that beautiful rock and does the best seafood platters.

So there you have it: the perfect locations to fill your Instagram feed with dreamy photos and widen your Ibiza footprint at the same time. Hopefully my advice can be used just in time for the last of the closing parties, and rack up hundreds of likes. I’m still waiting for mine to come in… think there might be a problem with my account…

*Googles how to buy Instagram followers*

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