My tour of Melbourne: Restaurants, bars and brunch spots

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How do you gain 10 pounds in 10 days? The answer: go out for dinner every night in Melbourne… One of the perks of my job is that I can work remotely – so I recently spent 10 days working from Melbourne (or WFM, if you’d like). Melbourne is known as Australia’s culinary capital, so […]

The top outdoor areas for London summer

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It’s summer in London; the season of floral headpiece wearing festival-goers and “How’s your Monday?” irritating Instagrammers is finally here. Lucky us. Those who don’t fit into those categories most likely haven’t managed to book a holiday at all this year (sorry for your loss), or are still waiting desperately for theirs to come (this […]

There is such thing as a free lunch

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I have been budgeting like I have never budgeted before. Well, I haven’t ever budgeted before – so that wouldn’t be difficult. Turning 27 this year, and finally facing the fact that I am terrible with money and need to do something about it before I end up bankrupt, I promised myself I’d make some […]